Our goal is to give the poor access to clean, sustainable energy and the benefits it can provide for jobs, education and health. We focus on rural areas with low rates of electrification, primarily in India and sub-Saharan Africa. We support programmes that bring distributed electricity generation to under-served communities. We promote innovative technologies, financial tools, and business models that will benefit communities currently living in energy poverty.


Over 800 million people have no access to electricity and many of those with a grid connection have unreliable or low-quality electricity service. Access to clean, reliable, affordable energy, and the appliances it powers, has health, social, environmental, and livelihood benefits. High-efficiency lighting and appliances reduce the amount of electricity needed, both in areas with distributed power generation and in grid-connected areas where electricity may not be generated from renewable sources. Well-designed programmes secure benefits for vulnerable populations and also promote development along with environmental and financial sustainability.

Project examples


Council on Energy, Environment and Water


Energise Africa