Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)


The Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW) was founded in 2010 in New Delhi, India and has grown to be one of Asia’s leading not-for-profit research institutions. CEEW uses data, integrated analysis, and strategic outreach to explain — and change — the use, reuse, and misuse of resources. Good Energies supports CEEW’s work to harness renewable energy for rural livelihoods and to increase financial resources for renewables in India and globally.


CEEW’s Powering Livelihoods programme aims to boost the rural economy via clean-energy-powered micro enterprises. The programme supports social enterprises to test and then scale up clean-energy technologies or services in rural markets. Positive results and impacts should catalyse increased investment and innovation in small, clean-energy businesses.


Good Energies was a founding supporter of CEEW’s Centre for Energy Finance (CEF), which develops, tests, and deploys financial solutions that advance the clean-energy transition. The same team was responsible for creating the Common Risk Mitigation Mechanism, a tool developed for 17 countries to reduce risks in solar investments. CEF creates open-source data sets, analysis of interventions, and market-trend studies. Their work includes research on the role that distributed renewables play in India’s transition to clean, sustainable energy.


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