While appliances such as fans and refrigerators improve lives, high-quality, energy-efficient options are instrumental in making sure such equipment can be used with off-grid solar systems. As highly efficient LED lightbulbs made solar-driven lighting more affordable, so too can high-efficiency appliances transform the lives of those living off-grid or with very little electricity. CLASP (originally the Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program) was founded in 1999 to address the environmental and energy performance of appliances. CLASP’s programmes work to improve the performance of the equipment we use every day, accelerating a transition to a more sustainable world.


Active in nearly 100 economies, CLASP works with policymakers, governments, technical experts, industry and others in the supply chain to accelerate the availability and affordability of super-efficient, high-quality appliances, maximising energy services and minimising environmental impact. Its services include drafting standards, product testing and quality assurance, energy labelling and consumer communication, convening manufacturers, and projecting and measuring outcomes of specific policies. One of the most useful products they have built is Equip Data, an open-access tool providing verified performance data on off-grid appliances for distributors, manufacturers, policymakers, and investors.


Good Energies Foundation has been funding CLASP since 2016. We see CLASP as an important driver of increased supply and demand for appliances suitable for households and micro-businesses powered by small solar systems or mini-grids.


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