KOKO Networks

KOKO Networks, a technology company, is building a new commerce platform for urban Africa. KOKO has developed a unique suite of hardware and software technologies that enables households in African cities to access goods and services that improve their lives.

KOKO's first consumer solution, “SmartCook”, is a fast, clean, and affordable way to cook using liquid ethanol. KOKO's technologies enable breakthrough cost- and efficiency improvements in marketing, packaging, and fuel-handling safety, last-mile distribution, operations management and the customer experience for ethanol cooking. These technologies will enable liquid ethanol to become a mainstream fuel, competing effectively with charcoal and kerosene in the urban mass market.

Good Energies Foundation has supported KOKO in its incubation and seed-funding stages because clean cooking brings many benefits to consumers, including improved indoor air quality, and because KOKO’s success could considerably reduce reliance on charcoal. Production of cooking charcoal is one of the primary drivers of deforestation in Africa. It is responsible for an annual loss of millions of hectares of forest, hundreds of millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions and is a primary cause of black carbon (smog). Reducing demand for charcoal through fuel substitution with sustainable ethanol is a proven antidote to deforestation.

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