Instituto Socioambiental


Instituto Socioambiental works to secure the cultural and collective rights of forest peoples in Brazil. The institute conducts research and develops participative models that value social and environmental diversity. It also monitors public policies that might affect forest peoples and, where needed, proposes alternatives that respect the forests and those who live in them.


An example of Instituto Socioambiental’s work is a programme that involves the restoration of deforested land in the Amazon, Mata Atlantica and Cerrado biomes. It began in the Xingu region in Brazil, known for its environmental and social diversity. By 2021, one thousand hectares in these critical forest biomes are to be reforested with indigenous trees and shrubs. To obtain the right plant material, the institute established a seed collection network involving indigenous communities and small landowners. They collect the seeds in the forests they live in. This adds a commercial value to the forests and generates an income that benefits the communities. As part of the programme, Instituto Socioambiental works to influence state and national legislation to support the development of a sound restoration economy in Brazil.


Good Energies Foundation is convinced innovative programmes such as these are the building blocks of a new economy that respects ecosystems and is socially inclusive.


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