Synchronicity Earth


Synchronicity Earth’s mission is to address overlooked and underfunded conservation challenges for globally threatened species and ecosystems. The Congo Basin is home to the second largest rainforest on earth covering nearly 2 million square kilometres. Lack of secure land tenure for forest peoples, unsustainable agriculture and commodity-driven investments leave much of this incredible landscape and the life it supports vulnerable to destruction for industrial-scale activities such as logging and agribusiness.


Conservation work in the Congo Basin faces huge challenges, but Synchronicity Earth believes that empowering communities and indigenous peoples to defend their territories and rights is essential for biodiversity, ecosystems and human wellbeing in the long-term. Synchronicity Earth has been working in the region since 2012 and has developed a programme designed to encourage a more coordinated response to deforestation threats and local capacity building via a pooled fund mechanism. By coordinating analysis, due diligence and funding, as well as monitoring collective impact, the pooled fund enables a ‘win-win’ for both donors and partners that cannot be achieved through isolated projects.


Good Energies has been supporting the Congo Basin Pooled Fund since 2018 and have seen the impact they are able to have in the region. They manage to channel resources directly to local organisations and support organisational development, as capacity is severely lacking. In addition, Synchronicity Earth is enhancing the understanding, knowledge and operational capacity of funders in the region through intelligence gathering, partner due diligence, risk sharing and context analysis.


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